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Bill Kreisher

Bill Kreisher

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02/10/10 09:33 PM #1    

Becky Rhodes (Turner)

I am just so sorry to hear that Bill passed away. Jim Keady told me he had been ill a few years ago. I was hoping he would recover.

Bill and I went to Lincoln grade school together, and he was my boyfriend off and on during those years. He was a nice kid and a lot of fun. He remained a really neat guy in high school.


02/19/10 04:22 PM #2    

Joe Doan

"Dinger". I was told that he got that name from his dad when he was born - referring to him as a Hum Dinger! I don't know whether that story is accurate or not, but Bill was a Hum Dinger.

Bill was a good friend beginning our 8th Grade year when we all merged together from our various grade schools. Bill and I were the smallest linemen on our football team and we played side by side on offense. I guess the two of us together made one normal sized lineman. But Bill was the tough one because he also played defense. In football, wrestling, and in the classroom, there was no "quit" in him. He didn't like to lose. He tackled each task with fervor- a hard worker and a strong willed person indeed!

I believe that had it been at all within his power, he would have beaten the scourge that invaded his body and took his life. He certainly tried. It was typical of "Dinger".

02/20/10 08:08 AM #3    

Sharon Gustavel (Costlow)

It was a summer evening after our eight grade year, and Bill had come 'a-calling.' We sat on the front porch for a while, trying to ignor my 'little sister' who kept pestering us! Bill then said he had to go, and he pulled me over to the wall where my sister couldn't see us and gave me a big, fast kiss and ran down the steps and rode off on his bike! That was the beginning of a friendship that lasted throughout high school. We never 'dated' seriously, but our Senior year, because I was 'going' with Doug Reid, and he was 'going' with Phyllis Good, we 'teamed up' to go to the Senior Week parties, Indiana Beach, etc. After graduation, I did not see him again until one of our reunions.

After he remarried and was living in Cicero, I encouraged him to get involved with our reunion planning, etc. -- since he was our Senior Class Treasurer. It was then that he learned Pancreatic Cancer had invaded, and he started his bold battle against it. He and his wife Cindy had looked forward to attending the reunion that summer, but the cancer just kept its grip. Jim Keedy and I (and I think P-Dub went with us once,too) made trips to visit he and Cindy at their home, where Cindy was his round-the-clock 'nurse.' Cindy and I realized we had the same birthday, and when Bill was in the hospital, Ron & I went to see them and we took her flowers that time since it was her birthday!

Last year when I was checking in at the oral surgeon's, I glanced into one of the rooms, and there was Cindy. We had talked on the phone, but I had not seen her since Bill had died. I was taken to a room right away and did not get to talk to her -- just a Hi! and wave from a distance. Later, I learned she had died. She and Bill were so close, and she had been under such a dedicated 24-hour/a day strain for those couple years, that I think she died of exhaustion and a broken heart and looked forward to being with Bill. I pray they are in God's comfort and everlasting care!

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