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02/09/10 12:10 AM #5    


Jon F. Steiner

There is a great internet site dedicated to the town of Frankfort. It covers pictures from the late 1800's to the 1970's. Anyone can contribute pictures. The site makers are looking for anything Frankfort. Goto: You will love it.

02/10/10 07:35 AM #6    

Dale Brittain

Hi All,
I have some snow to give away free for the taking do we have any takers today. Good to see this page up and working thanks again Sarah.

02/15/10 08:33 AM #7    

Jim Stuart

Is there an avenue to view the Class Book on the site?

02/16/10 11:45 AM #8    

Joe Doan

Sarah- You've hit a home run with this web site! Well done!!

02/16/10 09:38 PM #9    


Jon F. Steiner

Mick Hardy gave me a great tip. You can right click on any of the pictures in the grade school picture box and save that picture on your desktop. Once it is on your desktop, you will be able to enlarge the picture to get a better look at your classmates. Try it. It works.

02/23/10 09:10 AM #10    


Charlie Sink

Thanks Sarah for such a great idea....Thanks for the hard work. Is thete a way we can go to other schools and or classes and look at information...for example Jackson, Michigantown, Forest, Etc. You know me I kind of traveled around the whole county...Ha. Later and Hi to all my classmates...Looking forward to seeing everyone in Monicello (SP) Hope my flight is not late getting out of Phoenix.

02/23/10 10:45 AM #11    

Sarah Gephart (Brown)

Regarding Jim's request to be able to view the entire Cauldron.....I am thinking of doing that, but it is very time consuming and scanning is hurting my book. Pages are getting lose, etc. But will consider doing this.
Now Charlie's question about other schools, someone would have to create a website through classcreator. I'm not sure who to contact for pictures from those schools. You might look at Frankfort Place (link on our home page). Not sure if they have pictures from Michigantown, Forest, etc.

02/26/10 04:42 PM #12    

Joe Doan

Charlie- just go ahead and book flights now for every Thursday in 2012. That way you'll be sure to be ok once the reunion date gets set :) Hopefully you'll be able to get most of your deposits back.

02/27/10 03:37 PM #13    


Charles Lingelbaugh

Hey Sara

Don't know what Tom Cook's email is but I do know he is living in California. It has been years since he has been back to Frankfort.

02/28/10 12:07 AM #14    


Dennis Lasiter

Sarah,I really apeciate the work thats been put in to the web site.Would you believe I never sent a message by computer and never evan new how until you informed me of the site.I hope I'm sending this right,oh well I'm trying.I get on here every day to see what's going on.I'll be checking for more messages,and I hope more signs up soon.

02/06/12 09:12 AM #15    

Larry Yakovich


I really look forward to checking-in on this website.

We had a fire at our house three weeks ago, and am just now getting back into it.

We have a lot oif work left to do, but atleast we can see daylight.

I like catching up on what everyone is doing and has done.



05/12/12 05:45 PM #16    

Stan Fickle

Sarah, this is a wonderful website. I can't imagine how much work it must have been. Thank you very much!

10/05/12 11:00 AM #17    


Jon F. Steiner

Extraordinary class reunion!  It was soooo "sweet". Everyone had so many great stories about their days at FHS. Memories of fifty years ago were revived with friends. It doesn't get any better than this. 

10/07/12 03:27 PM #18    


Charlie Sink

It was a Great Time.  Vonda and I want to thank all the people involved for all their hard wok.  We had a great time.

10/10/12 09:15 AM #19    


Mick Hardy

Best reunion yet!! Really enjoyed seeing all our classmates, and enjoying time with all I could.  Thanks to all that had part in preparing this event, you did a great job!! In the museum Ron Mang pointed out a desk that 'someone' had carved Mick on the top. Surely, I would not have done that!!

10/10/12 10:27 AM #20    

Sarah Gephart (Brown)

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful comments.  I know the entire committee feels it was a labor of love to organize the reunion.  It was wonderful to see so many classmates after 50 years and I know we  ask "where did the time go".   Mick, I am sure that you would never have carved your name in a desk....must have been an evil twin.

01/01/14 05:50 PM #21    


Becky Rhodes (Turner)

I want to wish you all a wonderful 2014!

01/01/14 07:56 PM #22    

Sarah Gephart (Brown)

Looking awesome Becky!  Happy New Year to all!!

01/10/15 08:16 PM #23    


Jon F. Steiner

Thanks for the "heads up" about the Silver Jets on Youtube.  The song played is classified as Rockabilly.  

01/11/15 06:35 AM #24    


Mick Hardy

Danced to the Silver Jets at the Teener Club many a Saturday night!!

03/01/16 04:28 PM #25    

Ron Mang

Thanks to everyone who posted a Birthday acknowledgement to me.  Thanks!  I appreciate hearing from everyone.  Sarah, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the great website, and the terrific job you have done! 


12/11/20 07:42 PM #26    


Jon F. Steiner

Wow! Very few people know the story behind "Moon Man". I will share it with you since you (Paul Ayers) brought it up. I am sure it has been a burning question in everyone's mind these past 55 years.  When I was 13 years old, I got my first Morning Times paper route. The first day on the job at 3 a.m. in the "Hole" ,where papers were distributed and folded for delivery, I was met by older paperboys. They were junior and seniors in high school. They pulled a knife on me and told me that I couldn't fold my papers where all the other paperboys folded their papers, that they were in charge of the "Hole", and I had better do as they said if I didn't want to get hurt. I would have to fold my papers in an area up by the press where the huge rolls of paper were kept. They would depants me and put my bike up on the fire escape ladder on the Elks building. In those days, you didn't tell anyone about the situation: you just dealt with it yourself. So, having a great imagination and a good vocabulary, I started making up stories about outer space. It soon became a daily event where they would ask questions, and I would make up some fantastic story. Soon, I became one of their buddies and they no longer bothered me. As Paul Harvey would have said, " That's the rest of the story".

06/11/22 08:05 PM #27    

Geoffrey Smith

On Jan.24, 2022  my soulmate went to paradise. I can not begin to tell how much I miss her. Then in Feb.. I was told by my Dr. I have acute leukemia and started on chemo. pills. Sold out in Clinton Co. and moved to home in Tn.. New DR. and hopefuly cure. God bless all

06/12/22 05:40 AM #28    

Marcia Myers (Dunk)

Oh Geoffery, I am so sorry to hear this.Prayers are sent for you and your family.


03/04/24 08:45 PM #29    


Kenneth Kellams

Did you know that my older sister Judy had a date with James Dean...back in the day?  (From Ken Kellams)🤗

Do you have Jewish roots...I do on my Mothers side......😎🙏🏻

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